Whats the difference between a $449 and $599 HID Kit?
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February 28, 2002 by E3

So, after many headaches struggling with a cheap HID kit (I didn't know it was a POS), I finally have a quality HID kit installed in my M3 and the difference is amazing. Here are the differences I noticed:

Cheap $449 "Korean HID Kit"
Available from ProCarParts
  $599 Genuine Philips HID Kit
Available from Supreme Power Parts
The packaging gives the illusion that this is a quality kit. But don't be fooled. No installation instructions were included.
  Although the packaging isn't nearly as impressive, this IS a quality kit. Look at how much protection is afforded to the HID bulbs. Detailed installation instructions are included.
The base of this bulb is nothing like the Philips (on the right). Although the kit comes with a Philips ballast, the bulbs are NOT from Philips and it shows after you install them. (Dead spots, uneven pattern, etc.) In fact, this bulb had a chunk of glass missing on the tip right out of the box. Also, the "capsule" in the middle of the bulb looked murky and uneven.   This is a genuine Philips bulb. Note the handwritten test markings on the substanial base. Also the "capsule" was uniform and clear.
Pretty much no insulation here. Just a standard (non-high voltage) quick disconnect sleeve. Hello arcing!   Complete insulation everywhere. Very nice. No arcing here.

BOTTOM LINE: Buy a quality kit and avoid headaches!


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