Retrofitting Xenon Headlights to your BMW
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So you want to install HID headlights into your BMW? Here are some resources to help guide you on your way:

Getting an HID Retrofit Kit

Whats an E36 and E39 BMW? Click here to find out.


Installing an HID Kit into your Euro ellipsoid headlights
HID bulb installed in headlight Euro headlight housing Notch made with circular file provides a perfect hole for HID wires to exit from the bottom of the headlight for a neater install With cover replaced, a nice tight seal without undue stress on the HID wiring for a neat installation

UPDATE:The new kit had genuine Philips HID bulbs that were longer than the ones shown above. Because of this, the back cover would not close. To get around this, you need to make a "bulge" in the back cover to provide clearance for the bigger bulbs. I used a a heat gun to heat up the cover (placed in a vice) and once the cover was hot and malleable, I used the back of a Mag-Lite flashlight to "bulge-out" the plastic to provide additional clearance. Take your time here, you don't want to ruin your covers.

Possible E36 Installation Gotchas


Eliminating "Low Beam Failure" Messages on your E36 Check Control and/or On Board Computer


Eliminating "Low Beam Failure" Messages non-E36 cars


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